Welcome to Soul Alchemy.

I am Tess Argus and it is with joy and excitement to be here as a wayshower and multi-dimensional guide in this exciting NOW-time.

My higher service includes to build a bridge from duality to unity, into the crystalline field of conscious awareness, which has its seat in the Heart, so we can remember ourselves as Divine beings.

We all carry codings within our DNA, and when unlocked and activated, we start unveil the Truth about who we really are, our unique gifts, and why we have choosed to incarnate and experience this earthly realm. The sessions offered acts like an activation on these slummering codes, so you can start to integrate and embody your Higher Self.

During the multidimensional sessions, I work as my Unified Self were I transmit and activate light codes within the light body to activate Crystalline Consciousness. My Galactic team and the Arc Angels comes in to guide and assist when needed. I also transmits the Goddess energies and works closely with Gaia, which I hold dear in my heart.