Welcome to Soul Alchemy

I AM Tara Skye Rose and it´s with great joy and honor to be here as a wayshower and dimensional guide in this exciting NOW. My higher service is to be a crystalline gateway and offer my unique creations in these transforming times where we all being invited to come into our hearts and connect with our true origins and remembrance of the Divine beings we are.

We all carry codings within our DNA, and when unlocked and activated, we start unveil the truth of who we really are, our unique gifts, and innerstand why we incarnated to experience this earthly realm.

The sessions offered acts like an activation on these slummering codes, so you can start to integrate and embody your Higher Self. I will assist in the navigation and exploration of your multidimensional essence, including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, so you fully can experience your True Self, a Divine loving creative state, where you know yourself, walk in truth and integrity, have passion for life and express your souls unique gifts.

Much love and deep heart gratitude ❤️