When we start open up to fully embrace life, to listen and follow the voice of our Heart, and begin to sing our own unique Soul song, the path unfolding infront of us, surely becomes very interesting and magical. Suddenly we become the path it self.

Working closely with the mineral kingdom brings me pure heart-joy and fills my life with playfulness.

In November 2014 during a Pleiadian alignment, I received a crystal from Mt. Ganesh Himal, Nepal. This crystal slowly started to activate me into re-membrance of my soul mission during this incarnation.

The last 20 yrs has been an truly exciting soul searching process.

My journey on working with a holistic approach with clients started back in 2004 when I studied Massage Therapy. And with a profound interest for the metaphysical realms, I spent months in the Peruvian amazon jungle co-creating Ayahuasca retreats. My passion for food as medicin brought me to an Ann Wigmore Institute were I earned a certification as Holistic Health Counsellor and Vegan Live Food chef.

Beginning of 2015 ago I felt an strong urge to travel to Kauai, Hawaii. It felt like coming “home” for the first time in my whole life. This lush paradise island is my true home on this planet. Here I re-connected with my Lemurian and Pleiadian soul aspects, and the islands of Hawaii, which carries the ancient Mother frequency, has been calling me back several times for downloadings and new activations.

During 2016 my energy work really took off to a new level, I felt enough integrated with my Higher Self who knows the art and wisdom of how to work with the crystals in a aligning and activating way. Since then I´ve primarily been working with clients and groups on an energetic level, a field which feels so natural to me and where I experience to do most impact in.


Tara Skye Rose – Therese Argus