Re-Birthing Lemuria

Kauai November 2017

Come experience a unique Heart connecting journey, in a Hawaiian paradise island, which is a last remaining remnant of Lemuria, and home to Mt. Wai’ale’ale, Planetary Vortex of pure Divine Energy.

Lemuria’s ancient healing wisdom still speaks from the island and sea, a true magical rainbow land. This is as much of an inner journey as an outer.

Mama Kauai will expand your consciousness, bring healing to your soul with her lushness and beauty, and guide you closer to your authentic Self, re-connecting you with your inner essence.

Stunning outlooks like the famous Waimea Canyon awaits and if weather is stabile, we will hike along the legendary Napali Coast, and kayak up the sacred Wailua River to a secret waterfall.

Hidden in the tropical jungle are the peaceful Hindu Monastery, home for a giant record keeper crystal, and next to it grows the majestic forest of sacred rudraksha trees, native to the Himalayan foothills.

You will experience a Hawaiian vibe with traditional polynesian luau and hula show, walk on paradise beaches, in-joy magical sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, and singing bowl meditations with pranic energy healing in the gardens.

There is so much to see and experience on Kauai, and all activities offered, can be chosen upon your fitness level and are optional. We´ll have rental cars and are not tied to any time, so we adapt the day to the group’s wishes.

In November there are powerful days that will accelerate your consciousness.

On 11/11, we’ll participate in a sacred ceremony to activate the Lumerian Paradise Codes within, that will enhance our manifestation to be co-creators of the New Heaven on Earth.

Between 17-21/11 Mother Earth and our Sun will be in perfect alignment with the Pleiades and we will anchor new cosmic light codes, powerful days for energy work.

We´ll do night time meditation and sacred ceremony with Pleiadian White Feather Shaman activation under the starlight of the Pleiades.

Together we are three hostesses co-creating this journey, all sharing from our Hearts about our beloved Kauai.

Kau Wela, our Native Hawaiian nature guide. Her sensitivity to the Aina (the land) and nature is high as her blood and roots run deep in this sacred land, she knows and loves her island intimately. Kau Wela claims no credentials other than life long connection to the island, running barefoot most of her life and absorbing the energy, love and lessons from the ground under her, the ocean surrounding her and the sky above her. She will share with us jungle trails, waterfalls, Mana (power) collecting spots, and messages from the Aina. On one of your free leisure days, she will be available to teach you one of the local’s favorite past times if you would like to take surf lessons and learn to ride the waves.

 our resident Galactic Shaman, received her Pleiadian star family re-awakening over 20 years ago on Kauai and is gifted to assist others with their star family re-awakening activations. She is a Sound Wave Therapist, Angelic and Pranic Energy Healer and Crystal Grid Alchemist, who will take us to a special energy vortex and share messages from the Lemurian sisterhood, making sacred reconnection with this ancient soul family. In a fire ceremony she´ll initiate us to the “Pleiadian White Feather Shaman” of Lumeria.

Ashay-Ah is a master instructor for IET and on your free leisure days she will offer a Level 1 Certification Course in Integrated Energy Therapy. More about Ashay-Ah here.

Tess, a Swedish Crystal and Energy Worker, Light Code Keeper, and experienced Holistic Nutrition Counsellor, will be bringing healing revitalisation through her skills as a gourmet vegan chef, and energy healing during sacred ceremonies. Tess was in 2015 intuitively guided to come back “home” to Kauai and re-connect with her Higher Self and beloved Lemuria. Last two years she has returned several times to Hawaii, which inspired her to share the magic and heart healing energy of this majestic island paradise with others.

Travel information

Maximum size of group is 8 people. Minimum 4 people.

Dates: Looking for the best travel arrangements for the approximate date of 7-23rd November. Together we all agree on arriving date, and then stay 13 nights, but we´ll definitely be there over 11th and 17th for these two powerful celestial events. Tess is available to travel with a group from Stockholm all the way to Lihue, Kauai.

Last date for booking: 1st October 2017

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What´s included?
Practically everything on Kauai. The Napali Coast Hike and Whale watching snorkel boat tour and kayak trip up the Wailua River are weather permitting. Alternate island exploration excursions will be provided in such an event.

Shared accommodation for 13 nights – All transportation – Excursions – Ceremonies – Almost all meals – ALOHA guaranteed!

What´s NOT included?

Airfare t/r Lihue, Kauai, and a few meals.
Additional optional offerings on the free leisure time days.

Energy exchange: 25 555 SEK  ($3,200 USD)

Pls note: All Hawaiian islands have raised their cost of living in the past several years. It’s approximately 25% more expensive on Kauai than Sweden. Food is very pricey so we will do our best to provide as much plant based yummy meals as we can.

Questions and booking: or contact us here on Facebook.