I offer private 1:1 sessions in Stockholm, or on distance, and each one are individually co-created under the guidance and assistans of our higher self aspects and light team/star family.

The crystalline frequencies will assist in transmuting lower vibrational energies and blockages no longer serving, and in this a total reprogramming of the energy body can occur so more soul essence can be held within the physical body.

Sessions ignite spiritual growth and bring innerstanding about soul lessons and what unique gifts one has to offer.

All sessions are pure multidimensional energy work, and has a strong impact on your entire being so recommendation is to take at least 3 months between sessions to fully give yourself time to integrate.

Includes 60 min soul guidance, transmitted messages from light team and picture of layout and list with crystals used.

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Crystalline Attunment

Energy Exchange: 1400 SEK – 120 min

This is a 1:1 full body layout session to activate re-memberence of your multidimensional Self, so you more clear can navigate your souls mission and recognise your unique gifts. 

This session is suitable for those who has been on the path of awakening for a while. 

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Zero Point Alignment

Energy Exchange: 1400 SEK – 120 min

A balancing session to dissolve blockages within your energy field, to empower you and bring more harmony to your inner and outer worlds. We work to ground and connect you with your Earth Star energy center, a preparation to open up for accessing more fine tuned cosmic frequencies and to activate your Light Body.

Soul Guidance 

900 SEK / 90 EURO  – 80 min

In co-creation with your higher self and light team, I assist and help navigate on your spiritual path, current life situation or in big transitions.

We look closer on where you might feel stagnated/stuck, and emotional and mental programmings and how to let the energies flow effortless again.

Intention is always to guide you into a sovereign state of being, to feel alive and free with open heart, with a deeper understanding of self.

Proposed topics of interest:

Starseed Guidance, Empath/Narcissist Dynamic, Multi-Dimensionality, Understanding Karmic Imprints, Soul Contracts, Soul Connections, Sacred Sexuality and Womb Healing

Customized Crystal Grid

Singel grid: 900 SEK / 90 EURO

A crystal grid created for your specific need/intention/goal. With channeled message from your light entourage.

Includes picture of layout and list with crystals used, messages coming through and sometimes written light language transmission for further activations to take place.

Crystalline Attunment

Single Session: 1400 SEK / 130 EURO -120 min

Distance session to activate and connect with multidimensional Self aspects for fully remembrance of True Essence. Since the work is done in the subtle bodies, the physical body does not need to be present.

Includes online call after session with 60 min soul guidance.